‪What is Design?‬

Design is context, content, and constant… ‬

‪The answer to the aforementioned‬

‪question ( What is Design? ) can be‬

‪posited in an infinite number of ways. ‬


‪You see, the simplicity of the question‬

‪( What is Design? ) poses few constraints.

Do I mean “Design” as … a verb? ‬

Design as a noun? As an adjective?

‪As a discipline?‬ DESIGN as an idea?

What CONTEXT am I referring to?

That — is the first tranche

that — we must ascertain.

What is Design in the context

of “THIS” specific exercise?

What an impossible question…

You see, the context of this exercise is that I am forming these ideas as I write them…

What is Design?

What is Design?

What is Design?

Design is an attribute.

An attribute of consciousness.

Design, too, is a word.

A word that means close-to-nothing, w/o some form of subject-object interaction…



When undertaking a kinetic nature…

“Design” can “mean” close-to-everything…

This is why CONTENT is important.

CONTENT is what befuddles me now

What did I mean by that?

What DO … I mean by THAT (this)?

So much ambiguity evolves from simplicity.

This is why privacy policies contain thousands of tiny, tiny, words…

“Design is Define.”

Design is Language.

Design is everything really.

It underlies everything in existence.

Whether one is aware of that, or not…

This is why Design is also constant.


Constant as in ever-present.

Constant as in always…


Design is also constraint.

The limits, the scope, the rules…

The parameters.

The Paradigm…

Design is hack.

Design is Neutral.

Design is ___________.

[ is ≠ can be ]

Design is nuance.

Design can be expressive.

Or, explanatory…

Design is what?

Design is this.

What is “this” ( this ) anyway?

T h i s ~ is ~ e v e r y t h i n g . . .